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Call The Police

First and foremost, when you see a serious crime in progress, call 911.  This includes drug deals, prostitution, violence, graffiti tagging, illegal dumping or even just generally suspicious behavior.  When in doubt, call the police.  By calling the police you not only dispatch an officer to the area, you also create a record of the time and place of the crime.  If the crimes/issues are ongoing, these reports can enable the police as well as the city council offices to identify patterns, target their enforcement efforts and build cases to make sure the problem is solves, and not just moved elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Did you know you can call 911 anonymously?  When the operator asks for your name, simply tell them that you would prefer to report this anonymously.

Submit A Tip
If for some reason you don't feel comfortable or appropriate calling the police, you can submit a tip online. You can do this anonymously, OR leave your contact information to hear back about your report. 

To submit a tip, follow this link:  http://communitysafety.pittsburghpa.gov/submittip.aspx

Stay Up-To-Date...online and with your neighbors!
Pittsburgh Community Safety Website

This is a really great resource where you can view recent safety alerts for Zone 3, read the police blotter or even sign up for e-mail alerts. Alerts are typically posted 48 hours after an incident. If you're curious about something you heard or saw, you can check this page to find out the details!

Call The 311 Response Center
For non-crime issues, like traffic, parking, street signs, snow issues, illegal dump sites, etc., please call 311!  

Much like calling the police, this creates a record of the complaint so that it may effectively be corrected.  To follow up on a 311 request, don't hesitate to call your city council office.  They will first search for your the complaint, and any related complaints.  The more 311 records there are, the easier it is to push the appropriate city department to move the request to the top of their list.  

Call The Health Department
For sewage leaks, rodents or unsafe living conditions, call the Allegheny County Health Department.  

You can call the general number (412-687-ACHD) or reference their website for the appropriate department: http://www.achd.net/

Other Resources
  • Allegheny County Tax Assessment Website - will tell you who owns a property, the value adn the tax status, among other things. http://www2.county.allegheny.pa.us/RealEstate/Search.aspx
  • Corporation Search - You can find the owner of a company by using the PA State LLC Search.
If You're Unsure

If you're not sure who to call, or if you want to follow up on an ongoing issue, please feel free to contact:
The office of Councilman Anthony Coghill at 412-255-2131 or e-mail his chief of staff Moira at moira.kaleida@pittsburghpa.gov or Kaitie, his Constituent Liason at kaitlyn.fisher@pittsburghpa.gov


The office of Councilman Bruce Kraus at 412-255-2130