Linda Donahue

Linda Donahue moved from Baldwin to Carrick over 25 years ago. Linda attended Saint Wendelins grade school in Carrick and then attended Baldwin High.  She has a degree in Accounting from Robert Morris and is currently in enrolled at Point Park for her MBA.

She raised her son in Carrick.  Her son is Blue and Gold through and through, being a graduate of Carrick High School. He is also a graduate of Point Park college.

Although Linda raised one son in Carrick, she raised multiple pets, to include multiple dogs, Koko and Patches

She is a full-time employee at Phillips/Respironics  as a Business Analyst.

Linda has served on the Carrick Community Council Board for about 10 years.

Her community activism started, by serving as a Certified Tree Tender, tending the trees on Brownsville Road.

Noting her commitment to the neighborhood and realizing she had accounting skills, Linda was recruited to be the Council's Treasurer.

Her passion however, remained beautifying Carrick. She noticed that litter was a huge issue plaguing Carrick. She was determined to remove this ugliness.  She is an adherent to the "broken window theory"  This is a theory, as it pertains to litter, that seeing litter encourages more litter. Her goal was to combat that ugly litter.  She started out slow. As an avid, committed participant  of clean-up/beautification events occurred. As the organizers of these events moved on, Linda stepped in to leadership roles of organizing and running these events. She stepped up the efforts, to make these events  a monthly occurrence. 

Her hard work was noticed by many, and praise with heaped upon not only her, but Carrick!
Although Linda enjoyed the recognition, she enjoys the camaraderie with like minded volunteers who serve Carrick much more. See for yourself, come to one of the Council's beautification events. Look for the bright red hair and bright smile. There you will find Linda elbow deep in muck or hauling  heavy bags of trash, carrying herself as if it were a day in the park with friends. Generally at these events she is surrounded by volunteers asking her questions.

Note at these events her dog Patches is regarded as the official mascot of litter pick-ups. Patches inherited the mantle of "Mascot" when Koko passed.

When asked about her volunteerism, Linda said this: "I am blessed for the opportunities that I have been provided by serving Carrick."

Linda's, current focus is helping the CCC getting the word out about events. It’s a role she also serves for her Parish (Catholic Community of South Pittsburgh) and the Festival of Praise. She also handles live streaming for these events.

Linda has is also the Chairperson of the Dairy District Advisory Group. A position held since 2018. The Dairy District Advisory Group plans and organizes events like flea markets, community dinners, concerts and more at the Community Pavilion aka Historic Dairy District Pavilion at 1529 Brownsville RoadThis is also the location of the Carrick Farmer's Market. 

When not cleaning up Carrick or holding events at the pavilion, Linda can be found enjoying a Lenten fish fry. She also manages CCC's email list, Facebook page, other Social media and generally marketing the organization