Profile Hannah Karolak

Hannah Karolak has lived in the Carrick community since 2013 when she purchased her late grandmother's home. Hannah, her husband, Eric, and their kids Declan & Nora are frequent visitors of the Carrick Recreational Center and Gary's Diner. Hannah and her family are grateful for their wonderful neighbors, the Valera Avenue block activities, and the terrific kids programs offered at the rec center. Hannah joined the Council in 2018. Her vision for the future of Carrick is a healthy, economically and environmentally sustainable community. 

Hannah earned her PhD in rhetoric and communication in 2018 from Duquesne University. Her research interests are in post-trauma community building, cross-functional collaborative learning, and communication ethics. She currently runs the Starzl Network - a clinical learning network dedicated to improving care for pediatric liver transplant patients. The Starzl Network brings together clinicians, surgeons, industry experts, patients and family members to foster innovation in transplantation. Aside from research and work, Hannah teaches courses at local universities in health communication, conflict communication, marketing, and ethics.