Profile Andy Miscuk

Andy Miscuk lives in an apartment on the 1600 block of Brownsville Road. His apartment is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the 51C bus, which Andy refers to as his 
limousine. Carrick has been his home for 8 years. Andy serves as the Carrick Community Council's Vice-President. He enjoys walking a couple miles on Brownsville Road on an almost daily basis. He enjoys the landscape of the neighborhood.

Although well used, he considers the Carrick Library and the Phillips Recreation Center under utilized by Carrick residents. The respective staffs run both facilities so well and the facilities have so much to offer! Andy hopes to use his position on the board to help better inform Carrick residents of the events and services available to Carrick. A better informed Carrick is better for all residents.

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, Andy is a proud graduate of the Community College of Allegheny County. As a matter of fact, Andy takes at least one for credit class each Spring and Fall to continue his education at CCAC. In addition to CCAC Andy holds degrees from The University of Pittsburgh in theater and business.

He considers himself a news junkie.

A non-combat veteran, Andy served as both an enlisted soldier and an officer. He was a combat engineer and a paratrooper.

As an Information Technology Consultant Andy Miscuk has spent the past several years doing Information Security work for financial institutions.

Professional past lives include:
  • software developer
  • adjunct professor
  • property manager
  • restaurant manager
  • bartender
  • ballroom dance instructor
  • laborer

Somewhat of a foodie, Andy really enjoys good coffee, tea and a glass of bourbon every now and then. As for what local iced tea does he prefers? Schneider's and some times Marburger.

He is an avid Euro Gamer, and when he has time a video gamer.

He really enjoys puzzles, sometime he and his significant other Paula, from Overbrook (shhhhh), spend an afternoon at a coffee shop building a puzzle.

Other hobbies include:
  • Archaeology (reading and watching)
  • Ancestry research
  • Computer forensics
  • Web design and programming
  • Volunteering for small organizations
Although a pet fan, he has yet to bring himself get a pet after he escorted "Diva" to the rainbow bridge about a year ago.

A geek for policy and process he is a student and fan of Roberts rules of order and advocate of strong Bylaws. He hopes to bring this knowledge and zeal to the CCC board.